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The recruitment Industry – Through Ages.

The recruitment industry has changed dramatically over the years. Not only has the internet and social media transformed the way we apply for jobs, but it has also changed the ways in which recruiting agencies engage with potential candidates.

Here’s how recruiting has changed over the previous ten years.

Hunt for Talent

Despite the fact that competition in the job hunting and recruitment market is nothing new, things are heating up as a result of globalisation. There is a significant need for top talents that are highly educated and have a diverse set of abilities these days. 

English language has been brought up to par with native languages and is taught in most educational institutions. As a result, it overcomes the language barrier, allowing all skilled individuals access to the market.

Technology evolution

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving. To stay ahead of the competition, both candidates and recruiters must adapt to a rapidly changing job market. Video interviews are becoming increasingly common these days. This technology has been shown to save time and money for recruiters by allowing them to engage with candidates in real-time while remaining in their office.

Sources of Recruitment

In the last decade, there has been a significant digital transformation in the recruiting industry. Changing technological advancements have helped the recruitment sector save time and money while also providing greater options. Social media has been used recreationally for years, but it has now practically become a need for the recruitment sector. In addition to candidate and client generation, social media plays a significant role.

Employee Expectations

Companies used to be able to attract excellent personnel simply by offering a competitive salary. Many employees demand more, despite the fact that it is still a major deal. Modern offices, amenities like gym memberships, flexible work schedules, and remote work are among the demands.

Competitive salaries provide businesses with an advantage over their competitors, but focusing just on pay may not be the best strategy. Companies must go above and beyond to be competitive and distinguish out in the market.

Employee Reviews matter

When a potential applicant was interested in a position, there were times when the applicant needed to know a current or former employee at the company to learn more about the organization’s work culture. However, today’s applicants have more information at their fingertips than ever before. Employee review sites and social media platforms offer a wealth of information and employee reviews that can make or break a job seeker’s chances of landing an open position.


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